Bridges to Cross the Divide

In the fall of 2016, I was invited by the United States Embassy in Moscow to participate in a week-long Forum for Cultural Engagement. This was my third speaking engagement for this program. I invited a Connecticut-based, bright, young talent in the field of digital marketing, Dexter Upshaw Jr, to accompany me. Our workshop was titled “Innovation! Community Engagement and Digital Marketing for the Arts.” The … Continue reading Bridges to Cross the Divide

I Am the Storm

The Devil whispered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm” Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear, I am the storm.” I first read this quote on Facebook right after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. It was a wake-up call. Under the Obama administration, the respect and support of the arts made me feel safe and protected. But I realized that … Continue reading I Am the Storm

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Welcome to My Blog: Arts and Culture Connections

Dear Colleague, Imagine a world without theater, music, dance, visual arts, books or the support of our essential cultural institutions. Unfortunately, the current political climate has awakened us all to the possibility that we may be standing at the threshold of what could become be a dark, abysmal and soulless landscape. Against that backdrop, today, I am launching my new blog to champion the arts, … Continue reading Welcome to My Blog: Arts and Culture Connections

Donna Walker-Kuhne

Donna Walker-Kuhne

“I firmly believe that the arts are the only pure vehicle we have in today’s society that cross cultural and ethnic barriers and allow people to transcend their differences.”

Donna Walker-Kuhne is CEO and president of Walker International Communications Group. She is acknowledged as the nation’s foremost expert on audience development. Walker-Kuhne has devoted her professional career to increasing the love and understanding of the arts for our nation’s rapidly growing multicultural population. Continue reading Donna Walker-Kuhne


TONI R. ISREAL was introduced to theatre at a young age by her mother. Prior to joining WICG in 2010, Toni worked in the financial arena as an Accounting Specialist. She developed her marketing skills while working with some awesome mentors at Passage Theatre in Trenton, NJ and McCarter Theatre in Princeton NJ. She is a proud member of CTI – Commercial Theatre Institute where … Continue reading Staff