Workshops & Training

Our workshops and training programs are tailored to your needs; we provide a safe space for open dialogue that ignites empathy, courage and deep behavioral changes within the organization, company or individual. We energize you and your team to have the ability to reflect, respond and transform, and we prepare you to understand the effects of unconscious bias, systemic racism and white fragility.  Moral leadership allyship is a strategy we offer for white people to take responsibility for becoming anti-racist.


  • Are you or your organization struggling with creating an inclusive and safe work environment?
  • Are you aware of unconscious racial undertones that may be offending your staff?
  • Are you not meeting your goals for a more diverse staff through recruitment?
  • Are you or members or your team struggling with trust and integrity throughout the organization?


  • Key strategies and resources to activate designated initiatives that reflect the internal and external work on building a culture of diversity.
  • In-depth racial equity conversations that outwardly addresses biases within cultural institutions and business structures.
  • Tools to identify and fight racism within the structure of the organization.
  • A clear plan for organizational next steps and continued staff education that can help implement E.D.I.+A as a way of doing business and engaging with consumers and/or constituents.


We make it simple for you and your team to quickly and effectively acquire the tools to foster change through our custom-made interactive virtual workshops. We offer workshops on Leadership, Social Justice Initiatives and Audience Development training. We believe that our step-by-step hands-on approach leads to internal and external examination, transformation and positive E.D.I.+A action plans.

In today’s globally connected world, we prepare leaders to embody the core principles of E.D.I.+A. Leaders who have an intimate understanding of E.D.I.+A create better work environments, higher profits and make the world a more equitable place for all. We will introduce your board/and or staff to a broader racial equity conversation that outwardly addresses the challenges of White Supremacy, White Fragility and Racism so that they are equipped to fight / manage and access biases within your company.

Social Justice is a critical component of building equity in any organization.  We develop programs that reflect those issues that are relevant to the particular community.  These programs can include topics on: Voter registration, Policing the Police, Healthcare, Reparations, LGBTQ+ in the Black and Brown communities, Economic disparity, Environmental Justice, Aging and the Arts, Gun Violence, Food Insecurity

Our goal is to educate and guide client teams through the process of identifying and building diverse audience(s).  Building off of the direction and strategies of the client marketing plan, we create specific E.D.I.+A strategies for sustained audience engagement by determining essential ways to establish a presence in the community.

Community Engagement is a transformative relationship. It serves as a bridge for meeting everyone where they are and nurturing different levels of agency in order to foster connection. Most important, the values of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access must be an integral and holistic part of the organization. These workshops focus on building community engagement initiatives and measurements of success.

We have created a 4-day intensive E.D.I.+A workshop for Higher Education staff, faculty, students and administrative staff. The workshop will examine the concepts of building a culture, equity, diversity, and inclusion and assess how the arts include or exclude people from different backgrounds. We will discuss how to incorporate equity and inclusion in an artistic mission, how to recruit and retain students from underrepresented populations, and how to engage faculty, staff and department leadership effectively around these issues.

The workshop will address the following topics:

  • Creating a culture of diversity
  • Understanding how diversity informs planning the season, recruitment of students and faculty
  • Space for different perspectives
  • A safe space for queer and transgender
  • Pronouns and how to address identity
  • Discuss white fragility, racism, unconscious bias, white supremacy
  • Transparency and integrity in communications


  • One-off keynote and workshop
  • 3-months: keynote, monthly workshop, plus self study
  • 6-months: keynote, monthly workshop, self study, development of metrics & dashboard
  • 9 months to one year: keynote, monthly workshop, self study, development of metrics, dashboard development of community engagement strategies

Social justice initiatives and execution, leadership guidance, special guest lecturer, assessment and results of monthly meetings, assessments tools, small group discussions by department on outcomes, timeline and goals.