Marketing and Audience Development


Walker International Communications Group (WICG) provides consultation to arts organizations, performing arts, visual arts, dance companies, non-profit groups, Broadway and Off Broadway productions.  WICG has a combined 45 years of successful marketing and audience development strategic campaigns on Broadway, and for cultural arts organizations.  

With current and past clients in more than 400 U.S. cities and five continents, Donna and her team have raised more than $20 million in earned income developing community engagement and promoting the arts to multicultural communities.

Marketing and Audience Development Services


WICG understands that successful audience development and engagement cannot be achieved unless aligned with the mission and goals of the client organization.  Working side-by-side with clients, WICG designs a comprehensive strategy to achieve desired results.  While each WICG engagement is customized to meet the needs of the organization, typical activities include:

  • Serve as a think tank to identify target market and strategies
  • Develop specific strategies to engage target markets
  • Create strategy for marketing campaigns
  • Prepare comprehensive documented plan to serve as a roadmap to achieve marketing goals.  Note: WICG also frequently provide services to support execution of the marketing plan
  • Design strategies, and tactics for; promotions, pricing, digital communications, press, audience research, audience analysis, advertising initiatives, partnership
  • Support staff development to execute marketing campaign

Audience development:

WICG educates and guides client teams through the process of identifying and building diverse audience(s).  Building off of the direction and strategies of the client marketing plan, WICG creates specific strategies for sustained audience engagement.

WICG ensures the client understands the many variations of diversity; race, ethnicity, geography, lifestyle, age, religious and political beliefs, and how these variations interconnect.  

WICG prepares the client to understand the demographics and psychographics of the targeted audience to enable them to achieve marketing goals.  

WICG designs and develops activities and special events that relate organically to the engagement such as: meet-and-greets with artists, panel discussions, films, or an alignment with an arts education program.

WICG determines essential ways to establish a presence in the community that run the gamut from distributing collateral at a festival to staging performance excerpts in a local library.

Group Sales:

Recognizing the strong financial impact of developing and engaging organized groups; WICG structures group sales programs as an integral element of the audience development strategy.  While each WICG engagement is customized to meet the needs of the organization, typical activities include:

  • Analyze current sales goals and model, and provide recommendations for achieving desired group sales goals.
  • Develop a group sales campaign that includes marketing strategies
  • Engage group leaders for theater, dance and music with meet and greet, sales campaign, follow up and sales
  • Develop “ambassador” program, unique to each group segment, to support the sales effort in the community

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