Invitation to the Party

Invitation to the Party: Building Bridges to the Arts, Culture and Community

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Here is what industry leaders have said about the book,
“Very frequently when the word diversity is used it generally implies gesture – after the externals to make it appear the change has taken place.  But if one is truly interested in altering the make-up of one’s theatre, one’s audience, the commitment needs to be substantive, passionate and unrelenting.  All words I’d used to describe Donna Walker-Kuhne.  She took the task of creating a diversified audience with a ferocious intelligence and infectious optimism.  Strategic, personable and hard-working Donna Walker-Kuhne has proven through her work at The Public Theater and around the country that audience diversity is not a slogan on a grant application, but a reachable, thrilling, essential goal.
George. C. Wolfe (1993-2004)
“Donna is an outstanding builder of bridges with new audiences within the museum field and throughout the art industry.  Her understanding and forward thinking has led to many innovative changes that have made a difference in reaching the public and causing institutions to reevaluate their perception of inclusion.  Her meticulous research and execution will always be valued and a sought -after asset to organizations and corporations everywhere.”
Donna Sutton, Chief Audience Development Officer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, (1995-2017)
“Black and brown people have provided the hot sounds, smooth steps, spicy dishes, cool clothing and hip lingo of American popular culture since we first walked, swam or sailed to these shores.  We performed on centerstage, but had to walk through the kitchen to get there.  If there was a party, we were part of the work crew.  Now Donna Walker-Kuhne shares her effective formula for making sure people of color receive their ‘Invitation to the Party’ that is our country’s vibrant performing arts scene.  Because of her creative efforts, every seat in the house is filled with the vast rainbow array of the true faces of America, and our country is the richer for it.”
Isisara Bey, Vice President for Corporate Affairs, SONY BMG Music (2000-2007)

Learn about Donna Walker-Kuhne’s upcoming new book: “Champions for the Arts: Lessons and Successful Strategies for Engaging Diverse Audiences.”

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Champions for the Arts : Lessons and Successful Strategies for Engaging Diverse Audiences describes opportunities for engaging communities through arts education and how cultural exchanges can serve as catalysts for social change. Other sections address the power of digital marketing and effective methods for measuring success.

The book calls such alliances a win-win. Not only do partnerships result in spike in ticket sales, but they reap long-term relationships with stakeholders in the community. Outside venues can fulfill their diversity initiatives by hosting outreach events, and the mutual experience resonates in a robust way.

Walker-Kuhne’s latest book is an essential how-to for organizations to engage diverse communities through thoughtful campaigns and meaningful partnerships. The author draws on years of experience in cultivating and sustaining new audiences, and has interpreted her strategies for arts leaders here and abroad, including Australia, South Africa and Russia.

Champions for the Arts : Lessons and Successful Strategies for Engaging Diverse Audiences is a must-read for anyone who works in the performing and visual arts, especially students, arts administrators, funders, members of the entertainment industry, and readers who are interested in cultural diversity.