This Time, I’m the Interviewee: Featured on Be In The Talk

The Black Panther film opened a little more than three months ago, but it’s impact on the fields of marketing and audience development will reverberate for years to come. As I wrote in my blog the weekend after the film’s opening, witnessing the “Black Panther Effect” is not only a cultural phenomenon, it’s also caused an awakening of new possibilities for my field!

Recently, I was interviewed about the “Black Panther Effect,” “Afrofuturism” and marketing to audiences of color on the podcast, Be in The Talk, by co-founder Diana McCray, is the premiere digital platform for multicultural artists in Hollywood, the independent film world and music industry. It also seeks to provide dynamic and provocative dialogues with thought leaders working in both entertainment and the arts.

Here is the link to the podcast. I hope you will find this interview insightful, instructive and thought-provoking.