Dance/NYC 2021 Symposium

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February 14, 2021—Valentine’s Day is a great day for me to reaffirm my love of dance—a passion that my mom first stoked when she took my twin sister and me to see the Bolshoi Ballet perform in Chicago when we were five. That’s why I’m excited to share with the readers of Arts & Culture Connections the news that Dance/NYC is holding its 2021 Symposium on March 17-20, 2021.

The theme of the gathering is “Justice. Transformation. Education,” and it is being curated by Candace Thompson-Zachery, Dance/NYC Manager of Justice, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives. Candace told Broadwayworld, “The 2021 theme works as a call to action inviting attendees across the dance field to reconsider how the field is organized, offering a north star to work towards, a bold statement of change and a commitment towards learning.”

The annual symposium, which will be held virtually, is an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, expand networks, sharpen organizational practices, and deepen the inquiry around New York City’s legacy and trajectory of dance-making.

Tickets are available for groups and individuals including students and members of Dance/NYC Justice, Equity, Inclusion Partners. You can find more details about the symposium here and register at this link. Ticket sales close March 5. For more information, visit Dance/NYC.

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