The New Division of My Company: EDI&A

Photo Credit: Nichole Washington

April 18, 2021—I am delighted to share with the readers of Arts & Culture Connections the launch of a new division of my company, which is focusing on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access (EDI&A) for the arts. I believe this is absolutely the time for arts administrators, marketers, funders and thought leaders to stand up with conviction and become examples of the necessity for EDI&A as the benchmarks for an open and just society. But to do so, we must walk our talk.

That’s why I have formalized the EDI&A services offered by Walker International Communications Group; I have assembled an amazing team, and I have created a program that has already proven to be educational, effective, and impactful. I have been fortunate to witness the growth of the organizations engaged in building equitable and inclusive foundations and observed how diversity can positively impact their work; how access effects the lives of their audiences, as well as the organizations’ bottom lines.

I also am inspired by the numerous artists, creators, and administrators who are frequently taking time away from their jam-packed schedules to participate, learn and then apply what they’ve learned; the people who are now re-dedicating their efforts to build an arts organization that values Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Access.

Those of us engaged in administering, making, sharing and promoting the arts know firsthand how creative innovation can break down walls and illuminate the path forward. As we stand in the dark tunnel of our nation’s health, racial and social pandemics, we need more illumination than ever. I believe when our arts organizations and cultural institutions embody the values of EDI&A, they will be at the forefront of our nation’s healing, growth and change.

As always, I would like to know what you think. Please share your comments below.

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  1. Congratulations 🦬 Sis, wishing you much love and success on your new beginnings!;-)🌹❤️

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