Navigating the Dynamics of Criticism and Communication

August 29, 2021—If you’re responsible for marketing arts organization, or if Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is your concern, I believe this podcast curated by Erik Gensler, founder of Capacity Interactive, is important for you to hear.

It features two separate discussions: First, with Theresa Ruth Howard, a former ballet dancer and journalist, who is the founder and curator of Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet. She also is a diversity strategist and consultant. Erik also speaks with Mariclare Hulbert, who is the founder of Mariclare Hulbert Consulting, a marketing and communications firm specializing in arts and nonprofit organizations.

They discuss multi-layered marketing challenges, including how to thoughtfully respond to social media criticism and how to communicate equity-related issues. They also investigate various power dynamics between marketers and organizational leaders, artists and organizations, and the general public and organizations. Then both women join Erik for a question and answer session.

You can listen (or read the transcript) at this link. And then circle back and let me know your thoughts about the conversation. Please share your comments below.

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