A Global Dialogue: Transforming Cultural Spaces into Citizen Spaces

Photo credit: Biennale webpage art

I am happy to share with the readers of Arts & Culture Connection a link to the video of a panel discussion I participated in during the Biennale CINARS 2018, which was held in Montreal at the end of last year. The CINARS is one of the most important international showcases and networking events for arts and culture. There were more than 1,900 professionals in attendance, from 54 countries, including 433 show presenters. During the week-long event, which has been held every two years since 1984, there were presentations, workshops and performances

The panel, which was held before a live audience, was titled, “How can Cultural Spaces become Citizen Spaces,” Moderated by Simon Brault, director and CEO of Canada Council for the Arts, the other participants were: Caroline Ohrt, Co-Artistic and Development Director of Danse Danse; Skawenatti, Artist and Co-Director of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (ABTEC), and Tom Bonte, General and Artistic Director of Beursschowburg.

The emergence and transformation of cultural spaces is a topic I am definitely very interested in and I am excited to have been a participant in this global conversation. I was able to share the experiences of some of my clients and how they have chosen to use their spaces to welcome and celebrate their audiences. Learning from the experiences of all the panelists is worth the time to watch the video. Although Mr. Brault opens the panel by speaking French, it is only for a few minutes. He is explaining to the French-speaking audience members that the panel was going to be conducted in English and that translation services were available.

The recording of panel discussions, such as this one, at conferences around the world creates opportunities to hear/share ideas and expand the global dialogue. I am curious to hear what you think after viewing the video. Share your comments below or send me an email: donna@donnawalkerkuhne.com

And, if you want to learn more about Biennale CINARS, just about all of the conference was recorded. You can find the videos of the rest of the events here.

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