Meet the 27 New Arts Leaders of Color

January 22, 2023—I loved reading the article published by the blog, Culture Type, about the 27 recently appointed curators and arts leaders of color who are working internationally in museums, universities, and other prominent visual arts institutions.

The idea that positions of curatorial and frontline leadership and management are being held by these newly appointed leaders will have an impact on the stories we see, the art that is chosen, as well as expand access to communities of color.

Culture Type founder and editor Victoria Valentine has been reporting about the appointment of Black curators and arts leaders since 2016. She began the project to assess and track the representation of people of color in visual arts institutions.

For the past 10 years, the blog also has been an invaluable resource for information about the Black visual arts community—reporting about up-and-coming, established, as well as historic visual artists; exhibitions; Black art books; arts industry news; critical achievements, and auction results.

I am delighted to report that Culture Type also was a 2021 Champion for the Arts.

One of the first lessons I learned while attending the Howard University School of Law is that “Black people need to be in rooms where decisions are being made.” Having this new frontline of Champions for the Arts has opened doors to a new generation of decision-makers whose perspectives on leadership, agency and community will empower us all.

I urge readers of Arts & Culture Connection to check out the article at this link and to subscribe to Culture Type.

As always, I invite you to share what you think: What difference do you think having arts leaders of color can make on organizations and cultural institutions?

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  1. This is wonderful. I look forward to the performing arts sector increasing its diversity within leadership. It remains disturbingly white.

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